Dental Team Management

We help create an atmosphere where all enjoy working for you by embracing accountability and productivity.

At Harris Dental Solutions, we work to help dental practices grow and flourish while providing quality dentistry to the patients and improving the patient experience and improving the accountability and work-life balance of the team members. By meticulous planning and careful implementation of the best policies and alignment of the organization's and employees' goals, we help take dental practices to the next level.

We start by creating an ambitious, committed team who are willing to grow while putting the patient first. We understand the team members and establish roles and responsibilities for each team member of the dental practice by taking advantage of employee strengths and downplaying their weaknesses. We also work to develop team consensus to establish and set clear dental office goals and make the team part of goal setting and ensure that employee and practice goals are well-aligned. We help the practice grow together as a team by sharing results, celebrating success, and collectively developing growth or recovery strategies when goals are not reached.

We are also experts in analyzing and revising established policies and procedures when the office structure is lacking or goals are consistently missed. To ensure the flaw of effective communication between the team members as well as between the practice and patients, we establish consistency in scripting and give appropriate guidance to support all phases of interaction: phone skills, case presentation skills, and encouraging patient referrals. Harris Dental Solutions are also experts in demonstrating morning huddle, monthly team meetings, and other communication tools (if absent). To evaluate the performances of the employees and ensure that their performances and the practice objectives are properly aligned, we also conduct structured performance reviews of all employees at least annually.


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