Consulting Services

A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges through our professional services.

After a free initial assessment and telephone discussion (30 minutes) with each client, I provide customized solutions to your problems; not ‘packaged programs’ for you to implement on your own. I coach you every step of the way. Together, we will develop goals, customized action plans and timelines to meet the needs of your specific situation. I am committed to follow-up with you regularly.

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Achieving a greater level of successful case presentations.

Work with financial coordinator and others to enhance verbal skills and understanding of what it takes to gain trust of patient and close sales.

Managing your entire dental team

Creating an atmosphere where all enjoy working for you by embracing accountability and productivity.

Quality Management

Review outcomes to significantly increase quality and significantly reduce work that must be redone; conduct training programs to address weaknesses.

Increasing your referral base from existing patients and others

How to ask for and get referrals of family and friends or existing patients.

Marketing for new patients; inside and outside of your office

Utilize social media and mobile applications to reach prospects not currently targeted in your current marketing program

Leadership training

Command respect of all and to grow your practice while enhancing the loyalty of patients and staff. Coaching and mentoring DDS and associates

Establishing or modifying policies and procedures for optimal efficiency and understanding

Evaluate programs (or create new ones) to move your practice to the next level

Aligning office systems for maximum practice performance

Review all data collection points and processes for maximum output and effectiveness

If there is any area of need discussed that I am not able to completely meet, I am associated with a host of experts and professionals that can be brought in to meet these specific challenges.


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