Dental Practice Consulting

Dental Practice Consulting

Dental consulting is a service designed to assess how well a dental practice is performing. The practice may be struggling, or the owner may be interested in shifting their focus to another area of the business. The process involves meeting with the dental practice owner or manager and then meeting with other staff members of the practice.

What are the benefits of using a dental consultant?

Dental practice consulting provides a valuable service that enables dental practices to continue to grow and thrive. Here are a few services of a dental consultant.

  • Coach Dentist to embrace business structure for success

Dental consultants are trained to help dentists understand which systems, software, and technology are best for their practice. This makes implementation much smoother and leads to greater success. “Coaching” dentists on best business practices is another great way a dental consultant can help. The consultant can guide the dentist in setting goals, creating systems, and resolving issues. This coaching helps a dentist make their business more productive and efficient.

  • Work closely with staff to establish better interactions with patients.

Patients deserve to be treated with respect, and dental consultants can help teach your staff how to best interact with patients. A dental consultant can offer customized training to staff that will make them more efficient. They can teach staff how to better interact with patients so that their appointment goes more smoothly. This will lead to a better overall impression of the service.

  • Script all new patient interactions and educate staff regarding the importance of these initial interactions

A dental consultant needs to script all new patient interactions to educate staff regarding the importance of these initial interactions. These interactions are imperative to the overall patient experience and satisfaction. Without proper consideration given to the new patients, they may feel rushed or unimportant. This could affect their decision to become a patient. So, a consultant can help by educating staff on how to make new patients will feel welcomed and important. 

  • Advise dentists on an ongoing basis relative to growth opportunities, latest trends, and marketing opportunities

Growth opportunities are everywhere. A dental consultant can help dentists identify areas outside of a dental practice where growth opportunities exist. A dental consultant can also help dentists manage marketing efforts across a variety of platforms like social media and help the dentist build an audience, target ideal patients, and craft appropriate content. A dental consultant will demonstrate to your dentist how your practice is performing relative to your competition and what opportunities are available for your team to grow. A dental consultant can also advise your team on the newest trends and how to prepare your practice to benefit from these innovations. They can provide your team with strategies to proactively combat potential obstacles and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

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