Dental Practice Human Resource Management

Dental Practice Human Resource Management

Most dental practices don’t have HR teams. So, it is usually the responsibility of the dental practice management team to ensure that all employees are safe and satisfied. These responsibilities might include the following:

  • Create or modify Employee Manual

An Employee Manual is a document that outlines all of the standards, policies, and procedures that employees should follow. Employee manuals are important in a dental office because employees handle patient information, handle sensitive patient information, and work with expensive equipment. Even if your practice is small, it’s important to create an employee manual that outlines your policies.

  • Conduct Annual Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are a beneficial way for employers and employees to set goals as well as evaluate employees’ performance. This can help employees understand what is expected of them in their role and how they can best improve. In addition, performance reviews should empower employees to take charge of their own development. Regular performance reviews provide employees with feedback on their work, allowing them to adjust their performance as needed.

Performance reviews should be conducted at least once a year. Employees need time to be able to adjust to any changes and adjust their performance accordingly.

  • Conduct Morning Huddle to set course for staff for the day ahead

Your staff should spend the first 15-30 minutes of their shift together to set a positive tone for the day. Greet your team, and briefly outline any important announcements or changes for the day. Also, take a few minutes to share team objectives, review the daily schedule, any odd circumstances, and any team member concerns.

  • Coach owner doctor to manage employee behavior proactively rather than reactively

The owner dentist may need to be trained to recognize and deal with a range of situations and manage employee behavior proactively. Proactive coaching is an approach to managing employee behavior. Proactive coaching works to proactively coach employees on key behaviors and attitudes prior to them exhibiting these problematic behaviors. While reactive coaching responds to employee behavior that has already occurred, proactive coaching works to coach employees on what they should do.

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