Successful Patient Marketing

In this era, when patients have numerous dentistry options available and many of them don't even feel the need to visit a medical practice because they have so much information available online, having a calculated marketing strategy is important for every dental practice. This not only keeps up the patient volume forever but also helps practices to provide the best possible patient experience.

At Harris Dental Solutions, we provide expert solutions in the marketing of dental practices so as to ensure that the consumers are aware of the practice's dental services and to keep them engaged with their particular system. We help dentists stand out, attract more patients and retain them over the long term, and improve loyalty in the healthcare community by implementing the best healthcare marketing strategies across multiple channels using specific online and offline efforts to drive maximum engagement.

As a part of our marketing efforts, we evaluate current sources of new patients and develop appropriate plans to expand on what is working and create other avenues for referrals. We also assess the dental practice website, CRM tools, and other areas of the dental office and patient interaction.

We acknowledge that no two dental practices are alike, and hence, we work to formulate customized solutions for each dental practice by exploring all possible new patient sources like Internal Marketing, Internet sources, Insurance company sources, signage, advertising, mailers, etc. We also evaluate the dental services offered to determine if seasonal or other promotions are feasible.


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